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The Berkeley Community Fund (BCF) has been working to improve the Berkeley community since 1991. We envision an economically and socially diverse city whose promising youth become engaged and global citizens. 

Scholarships We provide needs-based scholarships to motivated Berkeley youth from lower income families who embody the spirit and values of our unique city and will be ambassadors for years to come. This financial support helps close the gap between the true cost of college and the typical financial aid package. Most of our Scholars are first generation college students. Almost 3/4 of our Scholars come from families living in the San Francisco Bay Area and earning less than $50,000 annually; 28% come from families earning less than $20,000 annually. 

College Success and Mentoring Through our College Success and Mentoring program, the BCF helps students successfully navigate the challenges they encounter at school.

  • We match each Scholar with an adult mentor who helps them navigate the college experience
  • Scholars receive support from our College Success Advisors to help them overcome challenges
  • Scholars are provided with peer support through a community of scholars and alumni
  • Scholars are connected to internships and career opportunities
  • We provide workshops on financial aid, budgeting, course selection and career exploration


Since 2008 we have awarded close to $3 million in scholarships to 195 students. We are currently supporting over 100 students in college. Over 90% of our scholars have graduated or are persisting toward earning a bachelor's degree, three times the national average for first generation and low-income youth. 

Berkeley Promise

Through a new initiative called the Berkeley Promise, this Fall BCF will begin awarding scholarships and providing support to community college students that are recent graduates of BUSD attending Berkeley City College. 



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